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Welcome to the Autism Research Lab at the University of New Brunswick!

Who we are

The Autism Research Lab consists of Dr. Barbara D'Entremont and her students.  We are a small research group.  Because our group is small, students are able to develop close working relationships with Dr. D'Entremont as well as with each other.

What we do

Our research interests primarily centre around individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families.  Topics of interest have included things such as:
  • Effectiveness of early intervention programs for children with ASD
  • The relation between play and language in preschool children with ASD
  • Quality of life of school-aged children with ASD
  • Quality of life and stress of parents of children with ASD
  • Hobbies and leisure activities of adults with ASD
  • Objective outcomes of adults with ASD

Participate in Research
Quality of life of children with ASD between the ages of 8-11 years

Parent stress and quality of life (Parents of children  with ASD in high school or graduated within the past 3 years)